TP-Link Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector and Splitter

TP-Link provides a cheap way to power network devices remotely with their Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors and Splitters which support up to gigabit speeds. I will be using this pair of devices to ensure a remote gigabit network switch Рlocated in a ceiling Рremains available during power outages. The current network diagram is illustrated below using my wonderful MS Paint skills.


The diagram shows that the cable modem (internet) and firewall are on a UPS*, as is the upstairs PC, but there’s a network switch in the middle that is powered directly from an A/C outlet with no battery backup. When the power fails, the upstairs PC loses network access despite the modem and firewall remaining online. We will remedy this by installing a PoE injector at the firewall, which is powered by the same UPS as the firewall and cable modem, and by powering the switch with a PoE splitter. Again, I have graciously provided a paint diagram.



The Install

TP-Link PoE Injector

The injector is a simple device that sits between your networking equipment and your IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE powered network device. TP-Link provides the injector, patch cables, and power supply; you supply an outlet and network access.


TP-Link PoE Splitter

The splitter is also a simple device that is used to power a 12 volt, 9 volt, or 5 volt DC device from the network with the voltage selectable via a switch on the splitter itself. TP-Link provides the splitter, network patch cable, and a power “jumper” cable although you may need to supply a different power cable depending on the end device. In my case, everything worked out of the box.

These two simple and cheap devices provide an easy way to remotely power network devices. Owing to their simplicity, I have little more to say – they have provided solid power and network access during the year plus they have been installed. Pick them up today! (Note, there was a reason I chose not to purchase the kit. Apparently the adapters included in the kit are *not* the same as the injector and splitter purchased seperately.

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*Stay tuned for a review on the UPSs I use, the APC Back-UPS Pro 420 (ancient) and the CyberPower PFC Sinewave CP1500PFCLCD, a 1500VA pure sinewave UPS that has provided cost-effective, reliable power for over two years.