Logisys Cold Cathode Lights

Recently, I decided to add some flair to the case/interior of my gaming rig. Specifically, I bought a Logisys Dual 12” Cold Cathode Kit (Blue) to add more lighting to the interior of my Antec Nine Hundred ATX Mid Tower computer case. In buying this particular version of the product, with the blue lighting, I intended for the cold cathode kit to match the light already produced by the three blue LED fans which originally came with the case.

As such, once the cold cathode kit arrived, I went ahead and connected one of the tubes to the provided inverter (two inputs, one for each tube) and vertically mounted the tube using the included Velcro. The inverter itself was placed on the bottom of the case in the open area between the power supply and the SSD. I also went ahead and installed the PCI switch in place of the preexisting PCI bracket associated with the PCI expansion slot above my power supply. After these tasks were completed, I retrieved one of the 4 Pin Molex to 8 Pin ATX EPS12V connectors from the component bag included with my Seasonic X Series 650W Power Supply and connected the inverter to the power supply. In the end, the installation was very straightforward and I was able to complete it in a matter of minutes.

In regards to potential issues, I personally found there to be no problems with the length of the cords for my particular set-up, though it is apparent how the cable length, in addition to the size of the individual tubes, makes it impossible to just place these tubes anywhere in your case. Concerning reliability, the cold cathode tube always turns on at the flick of the switch and the associated switch is showing no signs of wear and tear or the ability to be easily broken after six months of use. However, as mentioned above, the sliding switch is connected through a PCI slot which may not be entirely accessible based on your set-up, though this only poses a problem if you don’t keep the cold cathode light on permanently. In regards to the quality of the lighting produced by the cold cathode(s), there is enough light from a single tube to fully illuminate the inside of the case and even quite a bit of the surrounding table/cabinet. However, a potential issue that I’ve experienced with the blue cold cathode kit, and which may or may not affect other kits, is that the product does come off a little more on the white side of the spectrum, between white and blue, instead of the deep full blue you would expect. As such, the tube itself appears white, tending towards light blue, with the protective material around it consisting of a few vertical dark blue lines, though these lines have gaps between them.

For a cheap cold cathode kit, this unit appears to be of good quality and should serve well over the long-term. As an FYI, additional cold cathode kits are available which you could use to match your own set-up:

Here is what the cold cathode kit looks like when it arrives:

Cold Cathode #2 Cold Cathode #3 Cold Cathode #1