Cyber Acoustics AC-840 Headset

With an above average processing capability, the ability to run high/ultra graphics settings while retaining high frames per second (Whoa, don’t tense up, I’m talking DOTA 2 and Starcraft here, not Crysis 3!), and the potential for heavy overclocking, having a computer designed and built for hard-core gaming is a great start for any real-time strategy (RTS), first person shooter (FPS), or role-playing game (RPG) experience. However, no gaming rig is complete without a quality audio headset or, per my personal preference, a fully surround sound audio system…if not for the sole reason that you can enjoy great quality audio while denying anyone the ability to sneak up on you while wearing your ambient noise cancelling headsets. As many a gamer knows, not minding your surrounds can lead to a quick beheading with an axe, a horrifyingly easy headshot, with endless taunting afterwards, or a disappointing drop (with lots of time to think about your failure) off the edge of the map.

Now, while I do recognize the many benefits of gaming headsets, especially from such brand names as Logitech and Turtle Beach, including noise cancelling technology, surround sound, and manual controls for bass and treble, among other, more advanced, capabilities, I personally have my own surround sound system which was designed for my computer room. As such, to quickly discuss my current headset, as I still use one regardless of my gaming set-up, I decided early on to go with a monaural headset instead of the conventional gaming headset. Regardless of the many varied features offered by the wide array of gaming headsets currently available, I only needed a run-of-the-mill, albeit of reasonable quality, headset whereby I could divert team chat away from my speakers and into the earpiece while subsequently responding via a conveniently located microphone, as compared to one that is on the desk or boom mounted.

Following my search for a widely used and high rated headset, I eventually stumbled upon, and subsequently bought, the Cyber Acoustics AC-840 internet communication USB mono headset. This headset communicates through a single monaural ear piece and boom microphone, allowing me to hear and talk with my teammates while also enjoying the full auditory pleasure provided by my speakers, which we are about to discuss in detail. Not wanting to be too stingy with this headset, I of course paid for the added benefits of direct noise cancelling technology, ambidextrous use of the headset due to the 180-degree adjustable range of the microphone (though I prefer the right ear), and the ability to adjust the headset to secure it comfortably onto my head. This headset also boasts an in-line volume control with mute function, which is great for those teammates who may have their microphones set too high…or too low…you know who I’m talking about. And, just in case you were worried, this headset is as compatible with Macs as it is with PCs.